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After dropping their debut album ‘Flight 314’, in February 2016, with no budget for marketing or promo and reaching well in excess of 400,000 streams, it’s safe to say that Jungle Brown have had a strong start. They spent much of 2016 in Apple Music’s ‘Best of 2016 category, as well as featuring on Spotify and SB.TV and they were also requested to create an exclusive playlist for Tidal.


Celebrated for their dynamic approach to hip-hop, the 3 member group debuted at number 13 on the iTunes Hip-hop chart as well as charting internationally across Europe. They have been performing shows ever since and shared the stage with the likes of Ghostface Killah, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Prodigy to name a few.


Ahead of their show at Boomtown festival, Jungle Brown turned heads with two shutdown shows at Glastonbury festival, performing to thousands of revellers. Jungle Brown have also garnered praise for their energetic live performance,

Ric Flo & Maear, both solo artists before forming the group alongside long-time producer Tony Bones have a depth that can’t easily be imitated.


Jungle Brown were played across both Digital and FM radio, including ‘Kiss FM,’ whilst attracting attention from New York with Beats 1’s very own Ebro,playing tracks from ‘Flight 314’. In a recent nomination for best album of the year, ‘Worldplay Magazine’ describe Jungle Brown as mysterious andbintriguing.


They are set to release their second project entitled ‘Full Circle’ March 9th 2018, which is anticipated to be their best work yet. Stemming from their Hip-hop roots they have spent the last two years meticulously redefining soulful hip-hop, the sound is bigger, more thought provoking and importantly enough more soulful. But that’s just the beginning, they have entered realms and territories fans may have not heard from the trio, as they glide effortlessly over various different sounds including trap beats and house beats all produced by Tony Bones. The trio have made headway to redefine what it means to do rap. The project is an eclectic array of their influences over the years, mish mashed and churned out as a ground breaking project for U.K. Music. The first single ‘Custom Made,’ will be released January 19th, along with the pre-order to the full project.


Already with an impressive history behind them, the collective have rallied up press from the likes of NME, RWD mag, worked with Lewi White (think Ed Sheeran, Devlin) garnered plays from DJ Limelight (BBC), DJ MK (Kiss FM) and Target (BBC). With new management and new material, both solo and group, the Jungle Brown collective are set up for a big 2018.

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